What features are included in the Business Plan?

In the Business Plan of Digital Business Cards (DBC), you can typically expect the following features, in addition to those available in the Free plan:

  • Unlimited Cards: Create an unlimited number of digital business cards.
  • Unlimited Shares: Share your digital business cards an unlimited number of times.
  • Unlimited Contacts: Store an unlimited number of contacts within your DBC account.
  • Unlimited Card Templates: Access a wide range of card templates to choose from for your digital business cards.
  • Card Color Customization: Customize the colours of your digital business cards to align with your branding.
  • Add Bio to the Card: Include a biography or personal description on your digital business cards.
  • Add Social Media Links: Link and display your social media profiles on your digital business cards.
  • Add Profile Image: Upload and display a profile image on your digital business cards.
  • Add Company Logo: Incorporate your company logo into your digital business cards.
  • Unlimited Gallery Images: Showcase an unlimited number of images in a gallery section on your digital business cards.
  • Email Signature Template: Choose from a selection of email signature templates for a professional email sign-off.
  • QR Code Analytics: Gain insights into the performance and usage of the QR codes associated with your digital business cards.
  • Business Cards Analytics: Access analytics and data related to the usage and engagement of your digital business cards.
  • Advanced Paper Card Scanner: Utilize an advanced scanner feature to digitize paper-based business cards more efficiently.
  • Business-Level Support: Receive dedicated support from the DBC team for your business needs.
  • Add Services: Include additional services or offerings within your digital business cards.

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